Customer Reference

Hotel Chain Owner

Philippines December 2023


We were using our normal Hand soap, Floor clean, All-Purpose, Toilet, Glass cleaning and Laundry products for years and Soluble Care gave us some sheet products to try instead. We have 14 hotels in our chain and we tried the products in 2 hotels.

The products were better for the environment, which is important for our clients to know and also between 25% and 70% cheaper in price for us, so we were excited to try.

The Laundry, Toilet and Hand soap were most popular and successful…with floor/all-purpose also very good. The Glass cleaner not as good vs our current one (although we don’t use it much anyway).

Our employees liked the product and we will roll out to all hotels once the stock has arrived.

We spend 9.2m peso (about $166k US) a year of these products, with Laundry the biggest at nearly 4m peso.

Soluble Care prices save us 3.5m peso (about $63k US), so we will switch over. Also, we didn’t think about it, but the large plastic laundry bottles and cleaning bottles take up a full cuboard space in our hotel and their new Sheets take up just a shelf, so lots of space saving and we can use all the bottles many times, so good for environment. Thank you Mr Soluble Care!


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Contact: Mr Ian Newton

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